Raveling the World - a science and craft exhibition from the CWA Tuesday 6 November 2012 - Wednesday 12 December 2012

Hamilton Art Gallery
The Country Women's Association have created a spectacular science-craft exhibition celebrating the International Year of Forests.

The exhibition Ravelling the World lives on in our video. Click on the Event website link below.

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria (CWA Vic) and re-science have brought science and craft together in this unique exhibition.

To celebrate the International Year of Forests the CWA Vic are putting together a handcraft exhibition of eucalyptus trees, their leaves, buds, fruits and flowers and microscopic images of plants up-close. We’ve taken iconic eucalyptus trees from 6 Victorian regions and created multiple wall hangings of scientifically accurate depictions of trees, leaves, flowers, bark and seeds. Each person involved in the exhibition has used their own expertise in a handcraft to produce an exhibition which is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Plant molecules – like chlorophyll, which gives plants their green colour – have been modelled in 3D splendour; some molecules stretch out over three metres in length. These large installations offer a sneak-peak into the microscopic world of plants and what goes on deep inside the green leaves, proud trunks and thirsty roots.

This event is brought to you by re-science and the Country Women's Association as part of the Inspiring Australia initiative.

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