Monsters of the Deep Thursday 19 August 2010

Melbourne Museum - The Age Theatre
Meet deep, dark sea beasts, from the depths of Titanic's graveyard.

Monsters of the Deep
Join Dr Mark Norman for an intriguing look at life at the depths of Titanic’s graveyard.
The wreck of the Titanic rests on the seafloor at a depth of four kilometres, where it’s dark, very cold and the pressure would crush our lungs to the size of a pea.

As part of Science Week and the Titanic lecture series, find out more about the wonderful, bizarre, scary and lovable residents of the most common habitat on earth - the Deep Sea.

Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria, Dr Mark Norman is an expert on octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes.

Cost: Free with museum entry. Bookings essential 13 11 02

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