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Have a browse through some of the quality science events we have listed here. Be sure to look out for the golden star for upcoming science events and be inspired by hugely successful events from the past. See the photos, watch the videos, read the reviews and get all the inspiration you need to run your own science event in your school or community...

Black Holes, Spaghetti and Explosions Monday 16 August 2010

University of Ballarat

The University of Ballarat and Australian Institute of Physics teamed up to provide a mind-blowing event for schools in western Victoria during National Science Week 2010. AIP sponsored UK Physicist Professor Elizabeth Winstanley enthralled her...

The Naked Scientist at St Leonard's College, Brighton Friday 13 August 2010

St Leonard's College, Brighton Campus

Students at St Leonard's College in Brighton saw the Naked Scientist Chris Smith live as he recorded a podcast before their very eyes. Joined by local scientists and space enthusiasts Chris Smith kept the students entertained with flaming gherkins,...

Archimedes Day Thursday 19 August 2010

Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn

Archimedes Day at Swinburne will celebrate the contribution of Mathematics to Science and Engineering through honouring the great Greek Mathematician, Scientist and Engineer, Archimedes. A lecture on how mathematics contributes to our understanding...

Climate Change, New Diseases and Parasites: What might it mean for Melbourne? Tuesday 17 August 2010

Melbourne Recital Centre, cnr Southbank Boulevard and Sturt Street (Located behind the NGV, opposite ABC Studios)

You are invited to a very important Melbourne Conversations with distinguished speakers, developed to support an international conference on the global impact of parasites. Climate change is central to that impact. Date: Tuesday 17...

50 years of Lasers and a brilliant future Friday 20 August 2010

Hercus Theatre, The University of Melbourne

We all use lasers, and rely on lasers when we communicate, watch a video, drive a car or need medical help. 100 years ago these possibilities were unheard of - just ideas in the mind of a visionary. 50 years ago the first laser sent out the first...

Black holes at the Large Hadron Collider Tuesday 17 August 2010

Old Geology Building, The University of Melbourne

Brane world models in string theory suggest that our universe is a slice, or ‘brane’, of a higher-dimensional space-time. In this talk we will discuss why one consequence of these models is that copious numbers of mini black holes may be formed by...

Science and Non-Science - where's the difference? Friday 20 August 2010

Elizabeth Murdoch Theatre, University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne Secular Society presents: Gerhard Wiesenfeldt talking about why the demarcation between science and non-science is important and Kristian Camilleri tells us why the demarcation between science and non-science is difficult....

Student Mental Health: Do Chaplains Have a Role? Thursday 19 August 2010

Elizabeth Murdoch Theatre, University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne Secular Society and University of Melbourne Psychology Association present Dr Monica Thielking (Psychologists in Schools advisor) giving the lecture: "Student Mental Health: Do Chaplains Have a Role?" Thursday August 19th 1:...

Discover the Night Sky (Lecture series) - Backyard Astronomy Thursday 19 August 2010

Melbourne Planetarium

Discover a new mystery of the night sky. It’s not just stars you can see in the night sky - planets, comets, shooting stars and satellites are all there if you know when and where to look. Navigate by the stars and discover how you can become a...

Monsters of the Deep Thursday 19 August 2010

Melbourne Museum - The Age Theatre

Monsters of the Deep Join Dr Mark Norman for an intriguing look at life at the depths of Titanic’s graveyard. The wreck of the Titanic rests on the seafloor at a depth of four kilometres, where it’s dark, very cold and the pressure would crush our...

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