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Have a browse through some of the quality science events we have listed here. Be sure to look out for the golden star for upcoming science events and be inspired by hugely successful events from the past. See the photos, watch the videos, read the reviews and get all the inspiration you need to run your own science event in your school or community...

Discover the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Thursday 9 June 2011


Public lecture featuring Professor Phillip Diamond (CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science) Thursday 9 Jun 2011 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium 2 Booker Street Spotswood, Victoria The SKA will be the largest and most advanced...

Media140 Frontiers – The future of social technologies Wednesday 27 April 2011

Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane

media140 Frontiers Brisbane will be the first event of its kind to be hosted in the Brisbane Powerhouse to bring together an international gathering of speakers from the US, Europe and Australia.


SINGULARITY SUMMIT AUSTRALIA, Singularity Institute Australia DATES:Sat 20th – Sun 21st August, 2011 The Singularity Summit brings rational analysis and strategy to the challenges facing humanity as it develops powerful and disruptive technologies...

Science Shaping Society - Lecture Series Wednesday 13 April 2011

Monash Science Centre, Blg 74 Normanby Rd, Monash Univeristy, Clayton

Monash Science Centre 2011 Lecture Series Science Shaping Society: A track through the explosive growth of science and technology, and the consequent impact and implications on society now and in the future. Lectures take place once a month on...

Brain Awareness Week Public Lecture - Is schizophrenia a cost of the evolving human brain? Wednesday 16 March 2011

Monash University or University of Melbourne

Professor Brian Dean The cause of schizophrenia remains unknown. Recent developments argue that some of the symptoms of schizophrenia arise because the human brain has become so complex it has problems supplying its own need for energy. Importantly...

Mind Matters @ Wodonga Friday 18 March 2011

3 Monkeys Tavern, Wodonga

Mind Matters @ Wodonga Friday 18 March 6.00-7.30pm 3 Monkeys Tavern, Wodonga Come and explore the wonders of the last great frontier: the human mind. Is it true that London taxi drivers have larger areas of the brain associated with navigation...

Mind Matters @ Shepparton Thursday 17 March 2011

Goulburn Valley Hotel (GV Hotel), High St, Shepparton

Mind Matters @ Shepparton Thursday 17 March 6.00-7.30pm Goulburn Valley Hotel (GV Hotel), High St, Shepparton Come and explore the wonders of the last great frontier: the human mind. Is it true that London taxi drivers have larger areas of the brain...

Brain Awareness Week 14-20 March 2011 Monday 14 March 2011

All around Victoria

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) focuses international attention on the field of neuroscience and offers opportunities for teachers and students to engage in fun educational activities. From dynamic classroom presentations and laboratory tours to...

Will the world end in 2012? The astronomical evidence Friday 10 December 2010

Ballarat Observatory, Corner Cobden and Magpie St, Mt Pleasant

What’s all this about the world ending in 2012? What do modern astronomers have to say about these predictions? Just what is meant to happen, and how likely is it to happen? Free Range Science is proud to present internationally awarded UK...

Black Holes, Spaghetti and Explosions Monday 16 August 2010

University of Ballarat

The University of Ballarat and Australian Institute of Physics teamed up to provide a mind-blowing event for schools in western Victoria during National Science Week 2010. AIP sponsored UK Physicist Professor Elizabeth Winstanley enthralled her...

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